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All you need to get started is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Rego (Registration) number. Then click search, make the payment, and see your car history report in your email and phone.

Why Get a REVS Check NSW Report

If you’re in New South Wales and plan to buy a used car, your best option to protect yourself is getting an instant REVS Check Report. Otherwise, you could make a costly mistake.

The REVS Check Report is a summarized history of a vehicle registered in New South Wales, Australia. The data is pulled from multiple government and industry sources. As such, your NSW REVS Check Report includes:

  • Finance Owing
  • PPSR Certificate
  • Written-Off Check
  • Theft Check
  • Water Damage History

Why Choose REVS Checks for Your Vehicle History Report

Approved Reports

Each car history report comes with an official PPSR certificate with information pulled directly from government databases and summarized for a quick and easy-to-read document.

Safe REVs Check

Our platform is encrypted to protect you. You can safely request and pay for your vehicle history check, knowing that your information and the transaction will be protected.

Available 24/7

You can request a car history report at any time (except when offline for maintenance or updates). As long as the government databases are online, you’ll get your report.

How It Works

Here's our quick 3-step process to access your car history report and PPSR Certificate

  • 1

    1. Input the VIN/Rego Number

    Use the vehicle identification number
    or registration plate to run the search.

  • 2

    2. Click Search and Pay

    You'll be taken to our secure portal
    to make payment to process the request.

  • 3. Get the Report in Seconds

    The report will be sent straight to your
    phone and your email for easy access.

See What You’ll Get with a REVS Check Report from Us

Registration Details

Search by VIN to verify the car registration details. Make sure they match and that you’re buying the car from the registered owner.

Finance Owing

Get confirmation whether there is finance owing on the vehicle. Otherwise, you could be left with the loan, or the car repossessed.

PPSR Certificate

Get the QLD PPSR search Certificate which outlines all the relevant car history details collated by the Australian government.

Written-Off Check

Avoid buying a lemon with your Car History Check report. See if an insurance company wrote off the vehicle for irreparable damages.

Theft Check

Be safe when you get a used car. The stolen vehicle check ensures you don’t buy a vehicle reported stolen in NSW or another state.

Water Damage History

Is the vehicle marked as water or flood-damaged with potential future problems? Buying a water-damaged car could cost you money.


REVS Check NSW Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a "car history check NSW"?

The goal of running a car history check in NSW is to protect yourself.

You get a detailed breakdown of the history of the vehicle to help you make a decision on whether it’s worth it to buy. We’re sure you’d like to know that the car is not written-off or is reported as stolen.

Why can't I find a free car history report when I search "free revs check NSW"?

What is the purpose of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

I need to run a VIN Check NSW. Where can I find the VIN?

Check the used car history

Request an NSW car history report now with a VIN or Rego check and get your report delivered almost instantly.

Always run a Revs checks before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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